Compass: An Amazing Opportunity

Robert John Meehan once beautifully stated, “Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.” Compass, a class incorporated into the Caledonia High School courses, is intended to help provide extra needed assistance and guide students to a better future.  

Junior Baylee Shields spoke animatedly about the Compass class and how it has helped her. “I do better in my classes as well as I have less anxiety and depression.” The extra support from staff and tutors have helped Baylee find belief in her abilities and see a bright future ahead of her. “My favorite part of Compass is learning about real world situations and being around people like me,” stated Baylee as within the class she also gets to work with peers, have daily lessons about real life scenarios, and receives extra help if she needs it. 

 “I am able to work at my own pace and if I make a mistake the people [teachers and tutors] help me,” Baylee happily shared while continuing through her daily work. She went on to relay how much she appreciates the class as well as her favorite person and teacher Mrs. Workman who has helped her through a lot. 

She then finalized her experience and appreciation for Compass by expressing, “It has really helped me and I look forward to it each day.”

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