Celebrating Graduation Quarantine-Style

The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting quarantine has changed daily lives in too many ways to count. A traditional graduation is not currently in the plans this year for the seniors, but there are other plans to still make sure they are celebrated. Marcus Arens said that when quarantine ends he will “be celebrating with the family and have the boys over later in the summer.” Just like him, Natalie Ruthven said that she will be “hanging with [her] family and just doing what [she] can [until quarantine is over.] [Her] graduation party isn’t fully planned but should be happening later in the summer hopefully.” Unlike those two, some students had their graduation parties planned and had to reschedule. Colton Moore said, “…Originally this Saturday was going to be our (his and brother Jaken’s) graduation party. We moved it back to sometime in August… We are trying to throw a party at our house whenever it’s safe to have people over.” To celebrate graduation, two cool and fun ideas could include having a photoshoot in a cap and gown or making a yard sign.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused seniors to miss out on special things. There is hope that later in the summer they will still be able to celebrate, even if it means with just a few people.

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