Caledonia vs Grand Haven Highlights

On Friday October 11th, Caledonia’s varsity football team played Grand Haven at their home field. The first touchdown of the first quarter was made by running back Carson Vanderhoff. In the plays following, Grand Haven responded by making two touchdowns in a row.

In the next drive, ( A drive is the series of plays when the offense has the ball) Carson had a run of about 55 yards scoring a touchdown, thus tying the game 14-14 (after Caledonia got the extra point). Then Grand Haven had a kickoff return to Caledonia’s 12 yard line scoring shortly after. Caledonia then threw a pick, previously attempting to make a pass. (A pick is also known as an interception). At the end of the first half, Caledonia blocked Grand Haven’s attempt at a field goal, going into half-time with a score of 14-21.

After, Grand Haven drove down the field scoring a touchdown without the extra point. On the 6th play of the drive, Carson went 50 yards for a touchdown. Caledonia, receiving the extra point, trailed Grand Haven 21-27. After penalties from both teams, one of Caledonia’s linemen Caleb Paarlberg blocked the punt, then recovered the ball in the end zone scoring a touchdown.

Going into the fourth quarter, Caledonia blocked yet another field goal and got the ball back but then fumbled on their own 40 yard line. Grand Haven recovered the ball and scored, beating Cal 34-27.

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