Caledonia Grounds the Falcons

Thursday, February 27 at 7:00pm, the JV boys basketball team played East Kentwood away at Kentwood. Starting off the game strong, Gavin Hurst was the first player to score, putting Caledonia in the lead. Soon later there was a foul called on East Kentwood and Nick Fox was able to make both free throws leading Caledonia 4-0. Quickly after, East Kentwood was able to catch up and go much further than Caledonia. After Nick Henry missed both of his free throws, the JV coach threw in Nick Bender. With a little bit more than three and a half minutes left in the first quarter, Nick Bender got the crowd riled up when he smashed the ball away from a layup being made by an East Kentwood player only for there to be a travel (a player walking without dribbling the ball), called on the other end of the court. Great sportsmanship was seen then when Nick Henry helped pick up an East Kentwood player from the ground after he fell. Gavin Hurst and Nick Henry were both able to make almost every free throw they were given. East Kentwood was still ahead by 1 point, 11-10 and at the end of the first quarter. Jack Mulder, Liam Mulnix, Nick Henry, Nick Avila, and Camden Raffler began the second quarter. One father in the crowd commented “Dribble with your eyes up!” as Caledonia was only three points behind. With just under five minutes left in the third quarter, Gavin Hurst threw the ball across the entire court causing parents to gasp. At the end of the quarter, Caledonia was still losing, 42-36. After Camden Raffler was able to make 4 more points, Nick Henry was able to score two more to tie up the game. With only 14.1 seconds left, Caledonia was up by one. Within the last tenth of a second, a travel is called on Caledonia, but they are still able to pull out a win, 58-56, with Nick Henry scoring 20 of those points. Find out about the Varsity game here.

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