Cal Girls Lacrosse take Home two Big Wins

The Caledonia Lacrosse team played Grand Haven at Grand Haven on April 28. Grand Haven does not have a JV team this year, so only the Varsity team attended this game. This was the second time the girls have played Grand Haven, in the first game they took a big lead. Brinlee Barry stated, “Grand Haven is a very aggressive team, they are always fun to play.” There were many yellow cards that took place during this game. Sophia Schmader stated, “The team played very well together and was able to put a lot of things we have been working on together.” The Scots took the win 13-6. Earlier in the week, the ladies played against Hudsonville at Caledonia’s home field. They took a tough loss earlier in the season against Husdlonville, without Stella Bottum the ladies struggled to get the offense together. Stella is very good at taking control of the situation and allowing there to be a constant flow on the offensive half. Hudsonville was in for a rude awakening when the Scots came back and took the lead after they had beat them the week before. This was a very big energy boost for the Scots. At the end of the game, the Scots had a few point lead in Hudsonville, Hudsonville was able to gain possession of the ball bringing the score 9-8 with a few minutes on the clock. With strong defense from defenders Brinlee Barry, Reagan Weiss, Audrey Korb, and Megan Bushart they were able to shut down the Eagles from gaining another goal. The buzzer went off and the Scots won 9-8. 

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