Big Shoes to Fill

Lydia Harper attacking the ball.

“Starting from a young age, I never wanted to play volleyball, and, ironically enough, I always was being told I should because my older sister did. Finally after given many opportunities to practice it and learn to love it I decided that maybe it was the sport for me, even though I hadn’t quite grown into my body yet.

For many years I just observed and indulged in every piece of volleyball I was given, whether it was getting to pepper off to the side of a practice or watch my sister compete. I eventually decided volleyball was what I wanted to do when I was eleven and played on FaROut Volleyball’s 13’s team which helped me learn the basics with the help of a very supportive first coach.

Soon after, I joined the highest team for my age group possible at FaROut and with the help of amazing coaches and teammates learned what it took to play Division 1 Volleyball. I immediately realized it would be a lot harder than I thought . . . longer, harder practices, teammates and coaches that were always holding me accountable and finally working to my absolute potential. Even if that meant sweating through shirts, getting many wounds, cuts, and bruises, getting sick during hard conditioning or the many tired mornings that came after, I would never take back any of those moments that I endured alongside my best friends and coaches that pushed me to play at the highest level possible.

By the end of my 8th grade year, I was receiving hundreds of letters from Division 1 colleges for volleyball. Being as young as I was at the time, sometimes it was hard not to get caught in the wave of pressure that would engulf me or the name of a school contacting me. Finally though, just after my freshman year and many offer deadlines, I knew the school that was right for me. I knew it would be a place I would thrive both academically and athletically. On September 4th 2018, I verbally committed to continue my athletic and academic career at a D1 level at Miami University.

Through the whole experience I am still just as excited as the day I committed as I know I’m going to a place that feels like a second home and just as grateful for the amazing training I received through FaROut Volleyball Club that led me to be the person I am today.” –Lydia Harper

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