Before They Were Scots, They Were the Scotties

CHS’s original mascot was the Scottish Terrier, or “Scottie.”

Can death on four feet be adorable, too? The Scottish Terrier, better known as a Scottie, is a dog that was bred to be a killer. They hunt vermin as well as badgers on farms in the Highlands of Scotland. Before the 1970s, the Scottie was the vicious animal representing Caledonia High School as the mascot. In the 1970s, students that were currently attending Caledonia High School decided to change the mascot to the famous Fighting Scot.

When asked which mascot — fighting Scot or Scottie — is more fearful or intimidating, senior Anna Hansen responded with “The Fighting Scots are more intimidating, but I like the Scotties better as a mascot.”

“Being a Scottie is kind of weird. It doesn’t seem right to have a tiny little dog representing what our school is,” said senior Emma Byanski. The mascot was refreshed in order to instill the fear and intimidation that a mascot should have. To make the new mascot official at Caledonia, students painted a Scotsman firmly gripping a sword and looking as if he is ready for battle. A Scottish Terrier may be bred to kill, but it can’t scare off anything that is bigger than it.

“I enjoy being a Fighting Scot,” said senior Stephanie Dykgraaf. “It makes us Caledonia. I’ve never seen another school with a Fighting Scot as their mascot.” All due to the previous students in the early 1970’s, Caledonia High School now has a mean-mugged, rough and strong Scotsman to represent the school as a strong-minded and serious community of learners.

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