All American or Outer Banks?

Calling all Netflix bingers! Does Caledonia prefer Outer Banks or All American? During quarantine, fellow students have been binging Netflix shows, and Outer Banks and All American have been top of their lists. The new Netflix show Outer Banks is about a group of teenagers who found a treasure map that reveals a long-kept secret. All American is about a star football player who transfers from his rundown high school to a school in Beverly Hills for football. 

In a recent Instagram

The results from the Instagram poll!

poll I put on my story, people thought that Outer Banks was better. When asked whether or not she prefers Outer Banks or All American, Chelsea Prebil said that she thinks “the plot in All American was better and there were already two seasons out so there was more to watch.” Bella LaFranca agrees because she “liked the sports in All American.” 

On the other hand, Carlie Tanner said, “I like Outer Banks better than All American because of how interested it kept me with all of the mystery, surprises, and drama it had.” Anyone looking for other shows to binge watch while stuck at home should check out The Style Caster, which made a list of shows that are similar to the Outer Banks, including Riverdale, The Society, and One Tree Hill

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