A Trip To Taco Bell

The Taco Bell has recently been opened in the heart of Caledonia, and it has been a great success ever since. The classic chain is known for its spin on Mexican food, and the drinks that they also serve. The famous fast-food chain has made its mark on Caledonia, and there are many factors that make it so great.

Upon driving up to the restaurant, the location is on the beltline in between 84th street and Caledonia’s main road. This makes for heavy traffic, and sometimes can yield long lines, especially during lunch hours. Although the restaurant can have some long lines, they are usually pretty good at getting through it in a timely manner. On my visit, I went right after school, around 3:00. The line was decent with about five cars, and the whole trip took a little less than 8 minutes. This is a pretty good time considering fast food averages. As well as the time being considerably short, the customer service was nice as well. I was greeted with a happy attitude as I took my order over the speaker, and they made sure that my meal was completely accurate. Overall I would recommend Caledonia’s Taco Bell based on service speed and customer service.

When it comes to the menu at Taco Bell, it is ever-changing. Currently, the Taco Bell menu features just about something for everyone. As well as having a menu for breakfast. Not only this, but Taco Bell is open later at night compared to any other fast food place in town. When it was my time to order, I decided on a Baja blast slushie, a cheesy roll-up, as well as a rice and cheese burrito. I was with my friend who also ordered a slushie, as well as a crunch wrap supreme. Which is one of their most popular menu items. We also shared Cinnabon delights for desert. For all the food, my total was only 4 dollars with tax since it was value menu items, as Taco Bell offers a happy hour.

During this happy hour from 3-5 weekdays, all regular-sized drinks are only a dollar. I personally like this deal that Taco Bell has since it saves a lot of money when ordering for multiple people. Overall the meal that we received was quite good, and the best part was the slushies for both of us. The Cinnabon delights were a little expensive, although they are very good, and extremely filling. On top of all that, there are also sauces that you can choose from in order to go with your food. I chose the mild and fire sauce. The mild sauce added flavor, and the fire sauce added a little heat. Altogether the sauces are extremely important when it comes to the overall experiences. I would rate my food experience of Taco Bell an 8/10, and the customer service and waiting experiences an 8/10 as well.

As the new Taco Bell gets acquainted in the community, a few CHS students share their opinions on their favorite menu items. Liz Reoch says, “I’ve only eaten there once. I got a crunch wrap supreme. It was okay, although I won’t eat there again since I wasn’t that impressed.” Another opinion from the senior class, Owen DeRuyter says, “Their nacho fries are so good. I get them every time I go since they have them only for a short amount of time.” The nacho fries that Taco Bell offers are indeed seasonal, and for this reason, make it even more popular. Caitlin Osterhouse says, “Every so often I go to Taco Bell and get a taco supreme. I get the mild sauce with it. I’m pretty basic when it comes to my order but it’s still good. I used to eat it all the time in the summer when I worked near there, it’s always a great option.”

Overall, the community of Caledonia really appreciated the new addition, and it offers some great menu options for people with allergies or any dietary needs. Or even if you just want a drink, the slushies are the way to go.

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