A Bittersweet Ending To An Incredible Career

Senior year is known as the year of lasts that most high schoolers look forward to. 


For Caledonia varsity basketball’s senior Madison Morris, it has been a bittersweet final season as a “Sweet Lady” (a title given to the female basketball players). After a tough loss Friday night against the East Kentwood Falcons, Madison reflected on her final regular season home match. “I’m sad that it was the last time I will ever play in front of a huge crowd on my home court.” She went on to explain how much she will truly miss her “hype squad” which includes her underclassman teammates getting excited and cheering her on. 


In the season so far the girls are 5-15 but Madison sees it as a stepping stone towards great post season play beginning with Wyoming on Monday, March 2nd. She commented, “I’m a little nervous because it could be our last game, but I’m also excited to have another opportunity to play on my home court with my teammates.” Madison further expanded that the team is continually growing and getting better together so she’s looking forward to seeing their district play. 


In Madison’s concluding thoughts about her final season she wanted to share a small piece of her vast wisdom, “I want underclassmen to know not to worry about what other people think of you, just be yourself, work hard, and put your all into every moment because time goes by so fast.” 


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