Vroom Vroom

Ever wonder which car is the most common?

Kacy Heaton, Reporter

Everyone hears about the current trends circulating through school. There’s always talk about who all has the newest generation of phones or who’s wearing what brand. So, what is the most popular car brand at school?

Most, if not all, 16-year-olds have used cars. Whether it’s from the late 1990s or early 2000s, it’s still a car. Ryan Reynolds, a 16 year old Junior stated, “I drive a 2006 Ford Focus that was passed down from my siblings. Of course I would’ve wanted a brand new car, but a car is a car.” Even though Ryan’s older siblings have used his car before him, he is still fortunate to have a car. 

The best way to search for the most popular car brand was to go through the parking lot and tally how many each car brand has. The most common car brand is a Jeep at Caledonia High School. The Jeeps range from a Wrangler to a Cherokee or even a Liberty. Although the most common car brand is Jeep, a Ford Escape is a more specific car brand and model at CHS. The colors come in blue, silver, and white. 

All in all, Caledonia High School has a full parking lot with multiple different car brands. However, it comes down to what car brand is the most common. The Jeep, however being the most common, does not come close to a Ford Escape due to the most common model.   

Ms. Covelle, a teacher at Caledonia High School, is one of many with a Ford Escape.