What Time is it? It’s Time for Lunch!

What is Caledonia High School’s favorite lunch period?


Caledonia third north lunch

First, second, third, north or south? Caledonia High School has six different lunch possibilities. The question that was posed to students was “what is your favorite lunch at school?” Kyle Winters said “I like second lunch north because I like the time and a lot of my friends have that lunch.” he also said  that his friends like second lunch because it helps split up the day and make fourth macro seem shorter. Likewise, Spencer Chapp, Alyssa Hall and Charity Speers all agreed that second north was the best. Charity says she likes it “because it makes class feel shorter and gives me a break in the middle.” Some people agree with this and others agree with Carsen Kamminga, who said “Third lunch north [is my favorite] because all of my friends are in that [lunch]” Tatum Verburg also agrees that “Third lunch is the best because you only have one class after lunch”. The most unpopular lunch is first lunch, with only one student saying she thinks it’s the best. [This student] explained “When I eat lunch later, I focus less in class because I just want to eat.” The general consensus shows that second lunch in the north campus is the most favored by students, but of course, it’s always up to each student to decide their own preference for themselves.