Halloween Half Day

Does Not Include Costumes


Mrs. Homan

Friends gather around for an early celebration of Halloween

Lenesha Aska

 On Friday October 18, Caledonia High School’s assistant principal James Crites revealed that students will not be able to dress up in costumes on Halloween. For the past 20 years, Caledonia High School students have not been allowed to participate in Halloween dress up during school hours.


Halloween costumes are not permitted because they are considered a safety concern to the administration. Caledonia administration wants to be able to identify every student without any troubles or possible confusion.


When asked “Are Halloween costumes allowed this year, and why?”, Crites stated “For the 20 years that I have been at Caledonia, we have never allowed students to wear costumes. It can be a security concern for us, especially if there was ever a need to be able to identify a student.”