Hidden in Plain Sight

What’s inside your backpack?


Rylee McClure’s fan from Las Vegas

Walking down the halls, it’s unlikely students ever think about what weird things are inside of their classmates’ backpacks. After interviewing a few people throughout the school, some odd things were discovered…

Junior Brianna Hebert found her grandma’s lip gloss in her backpack along with a bag of barbeque chips.  More things Brianna found were a ball of deodorant and her student ID from freshman year which she found very funny.

Junior Lauren Roe found a sandwich bag filled with tissues and a chocolate-covered raisin box. Along with these, she found plenty of Starburst wrappers and a lone blue balloon.

The next person interviewed was freshman Sean Rice. Inside of his backpack was a protein shake that was made at lunch, some bath bombs, and a modified version of Sponge Bob and Patrick he drew for extra credit.

Moving up through the school, senior Jill Jones found a lot of trash, a quiz from Econ that she received a 15/20 on, and her punch card for Starbucks. She also found her employee card for D&W so she can clock in and out.

Next up, sophomore Kenna Cisler found a coin and a lot of trash deep in the bottom of her bag. She joked, “I’m surprised that there isn’t a lot of trash in here!”

Carsen Kamminga, a freshman, found a lot of old food throughout his bag including cereal crumbs and a single Taki.  Along with this, he found a tape measure and a large number of papers shoved to the bottom.

The final person interviewed was junior Rylee McClure. The one thing that stood out to her was a broken fan with a picture of Las Vegas on it. She explained, “My dad bought it for me when he went to Vegas because he thought it was funny. I think it’s sweet!”

Next trip down the hallway, take a moment to ponder the mysteries of a passing backpack. Is that Jansport sporting more than just pencils and notebooks?