Next Generation American Farmers

The Future Farmers of America program allows students to explore leadership in agriculture


Morgan Pittman

Senior Zoey Zupin, is reading a book about farming to an elementary class at Kettle Lake Elementary.

Future Farmers of America is a leadership program designed around agriculture. They host events that promote agriculture within the community.

However, they are also a family. “We have fun, laugh, and work together. The best part of this is that we get to grow close together, while also personally growing our leadership skills, and furthering your career” said teacher Stacy Bender.

Senior Zoey Zupin is passionate Future Farmers of America (FFA), because she someday hopes to have a job in elementary special education. She said that FFA has taught her how to communicate with adults and little kids. She said during this project “I will have to use creative ideas to make lesson plans, one day as an elementary school teacher, and the projects that we do through FFA for the community are designed for the lower grades, and that helps me understand what they like, and understand. I believe that I will be ahead of the game when I graduate, she said because FFA has given me people skills and that’s not a skill you pick up from the textbook”.