CHS Spirit Demonstrations Weak

Anna Hansen, Staff Writer

Students appear less than enthused at the pep rally.

“I think that lately, our student body hasn’t been very enthusiastic about sports and other events,” said senior Emily Petrosky. “When I was a freshmen, kids from all grades seemed so excited about spirit weeks and games but the last few years haven’t been the same.” In the past year, many could describe the school spirit at CHS as dull and unexciting aside from a few exceptions.

So school spirit at Cal isn’t currently the best, but why? Student explanations to the problem range from administration to the recent poor records of popular sports. Students argue that attending sporting events to support CHS and show spirit isn’t as fun when the teams aren’t winning a lot of games. Senior JD Gillies said, “We moved up to the OK Red for athletics pretty recently which has a lot of tough competition and teams. Since we haven’t been winning as many games in popular sports, I think that we’re less likely to be spirited or even go to games because we’ll just lose again.”

Regarding the administration, Emma Hallo offered, “Earlier this year, the administration set new rules for students at football and other sporting events. I think that [these rules] made students less enthusiastic to go to games and show spirit.”

However, many other students feel that there are more problems than just at games. “I know a lot of other students feel like some rules in the school are preventing some school spirit,” stated Colin Salamone. “I wish we could dress up for holidays like Halloween; I think that that would make school more fun and exciting.”

Senior Evie Larson blames the lack of school spirit at Cal on a trend: “I think there’s a stigma at Cal that showing school spirit isn’t ‘cool’ or doesn’t really matter. I think it’s just caught on and spread through the school.”

Seniors wear pajamas to show school spirit.

Some students do, however, love showing their Cal pride. Tenth grader Audrey Korb recalled, “At the Homecoming game, I thought it was really cool in the last couple of seconds. Everyone was so excited and believed that we were going to win. And when we got the last two point conversion everyone went crazy and I felt so much school spirit. I love how our cheer team pulled together and helped cheer us on to the dub.” Nicole Lanser, also a sophomore, added, “One of my favorite experiences at school is the whole homecoming week school spirit really comes out of all grades and it’s really fun to go to the game or dance.”