Meet Aspiring Artist Trent Phillips


Aspiring artist Trent Phillips

Oliver Alvesteffer, Staff Writer

There are almost 1600 students and staff at Caledonia High school right now. One person makes up .000625 percent of the local population, but without that one person, Caledonia would never be whole. Each person has his own individual talents, and that is certainly the case for senior Trent Phillips.

“Very few people make the paintings that I make, so in a way, I guess you could say I’m unique,” Phillips said. Trent is a very artistic person with his custom made paintings and also participating in orchestra. Phillips is a student ready to bring innovative ideas to Caledonia.

Phillips, also a major strings player for the orchestra, spends plenty of time practicing to make himself better. “I always try to be first chair, and I’ve been playing the violin for a long time now,” he said.

When asked what he brings to Caledonia, Phillips almost immediately replied, “Everyone is their own person. But we all build off of what others do, and I think I do that pretty well.” He is proud of his ability to capitalize on other ideas and grow them into something new and engaging.

As Caledonia grows in size and population, it’s easy to fit in with the whole “normal” population. Trent Phillips blazes his own trail.