Three Sophomore Ice Skaters Make the School Proud

This challenging sport is not right for many, but these girls shine on the ice.

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Ice skater Grace Lieckfield in action.

Only three out of the one-thousand five-hundred students at Caledonia high school are ice skaters. Sophomore Madison Stauffer is one of them. When asked why she prefers ice skating to the varied school-sponsored sports at CHS, she said, “I love the freedom of being able to do anything I want out on the ice. My favorite move is the flying camel spin.” The flying camel spin consists of a hop or leap into a jump and then spinning on the ice with one leg extended. Different variations of the camel spin increase the difficulty of ice skating, yet make it more fun for spectators to watch as the skater performs. Naturally, this move is nothing like ones performed in the sports at CHS.

Another skater, sophomore Grace Lieckfield, has performed at the national level. “The competition part is what makes skating more enjoyable for me. My favorite move is the Axel,” she said. An axel jump is the most famous and recognizable jump. The key feature of this jump is the forward take off. Not only is ice skating a competitive sport, but it is a great way to meet new people. Madelyn Mayrand, the third skater, said, “I really enjoy the sport because I meet a lot of new, exciting people that I can hang out and become friends with, my favorite move is the camel sit spin.” These three sophomores choose to stand out when it comes to their preferred sport.