Sad, Excited, Happy or Nervous: Which Will it Be?


Rae Radtke , Junior Photography Editor

As the weather gets warmer, the days get longer. Exam preparation begins and we bring the school year to an end. For some this is exciting, and for others it’s bittersweet. Let’s take a look into how CHS students are feeling about the 21-22 school year wrapping up. 

Starting out on bottom, let’s take a look into how the freshmen are feeling about ending their first year in high school. Finn Radtke said “I am excited for the summer and hanging out with my friends. I had a lot of fun this year so I will definitely miss it but I can’t wait for next year.”

On the other hand, the sophomore class’ first real year in high school post-covid is wrapping up, and Brooke Bundschuh has mixed emotions about the end of the school year: “I am happy and sad that it is the end of the school year. I am definitely happy that we get a break from school, but sad because I will miss all of my classes and teachers.” 

For juniors, this is a bittersweet end to the year. One of the hardest years of high school is coming to an end, and they are preparing for their senior year. Junior Natalia Quigley can’t get past all of her favorite seniors leaving. She says that she will miss “Hanging out with my senior friends everyday after school at practice. They made this year a lot of fun and I can’t believe they are leaving me.”

Finally, our beloved seniors who are missed greatly by the rest of the students. Some love the freedom of being out of high school, and others want to come back. Senior Tatum Verburg said “I am excited for graduation but I will definitely miss my favorite underclassmen and seeing my friends every day. It is definitely a bittersweet ending to it all.” Opposing this, David Rath feels the opposite: “I cannot wait to leave. I am looking forward to actually getting some sleep after graduation.”

For foreign exchange students the end of the year is completely different than for students who have been going to Caledonia for years now. They only get nine months here and the end of the year means that they will have to leave and go back home. Many foreign exchange students are torn between wanting to stay and wanting to go home. They miss their family, but at the same time they know that once they leave they may not see many of the friends they have made here at Caledonia. Sude Unal said “I have loved my year here at Caledonia. I have never felt so conflicted before this. It is definitely bittersweet leaving all of my new friends and going back to my hometown with the people I grew up with.”

No matter how complicated the emotions, all feelings are valid and we are doing it all with each other. Let’s finish up this school year together, CHS. Summer is only days away, so push through and make it a great end to our school year.