Men’s Volleyball Serves Up a Season to Remember


Rae Radtke, Junior Photography Editor

For the first time in school history, Caledonia has created a men’s volleyball team. This team’s season will be held in the spring to play other schools in the area. Many players feel honored to be a part of history here at CHS. This team has changed the culture around men’s volleyball, from only being recognized as a flower fluff game, to an actual team at our school.

Men’s Volleyball is currently not recognized by MHSAA as a varsity sport. Many high schools are starting these teams to move towards a state that has a well known high school volleyball program.

 Team member Russell Langenburg said “Being a part of this team is a historical moment that I am glad I am playing a role in. This team has stepped up and is working to get Men’s Volleyball the recognition it deserves from MHSAA.” 

All of the boys on the team, their coaches, families and friends are all doing their part to get Men’s Volleyball recognized by MHSAA. Taking these steps is starting to make a difference that will hopefully turn Men’s Volleyball into a state recognized varsity sport. 

Student Avery Palmateer serves as an assistant coach for the team. With her background knowledge in volleyball she is an asset to the team. Avery Palmateer said “Being a part of this team has truly been so special. Being able to switch from being on the court to teaching others has been so rewarding. Sharing my love for the sport with these boys has brought friendships that I will forever be grateful for and I wouldn’t trade this team for the world. No other team will compare to this group of boys. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.”

Senior Nathan Porras-Griffin has also enjoyed his time with these boys: “Being a part of this team has brought me a lot of friendships that I will never forget. Setting history at CHS has been special to all of us.” Similarly, teammates of his have expressed such feelings toward the team, reflecting the significance of Men’s Volleyball.

    The team has ended their season with a regular season win-loss streak of 16-6. Regardless of this being the first time many of these students have played volleyball, they all put in the hard work and it has been shown on the court.