Graduation for the Class of 2022

This year’s graduating students received their diplomas


Graduates throw their caps into the air as the ceremony concludes

Jenna Waggoner, SNO Editor-in-Chief

On Tuesday May 24 at Calvin University’s basketball facility, seniors took up their cap and gown after four years of preparation for life ahead. The graduation ceremony occurred from 7 to 8 p.m., opening with the promenade of the graduating students. They entered the stadium to the melody of Pomp and Circumstance as performed by the Symphony Orchestra.

The night was defined by orchestral music greeting attendees as they took their seats when the doors opened at 6 p.m., a sea of purple-and-gold adorned graduates, and the reverberations of Profe McLaughlin, Mrs. Jonkman and counselor Mr. Hoffman taking turns calling out graduates’ names. Teachers, who entered the ceremony during a performance by CHS Pipes, observed the graduates from the sidelines.

As the orchestra played before graduation began, the class video that was created by Student Council – after premiering at the Senior Assembly earlier that day in the North Campus gymnasium – flashed across the jumbotron screen for family and friends to witness the memories of 2022, from practices and games, to concerts and dances.

After all of the graduates were seated, Class President Colin Pearson gave his speech. This featured motivation interspersed with inside jokes, anecdotes and final interactions with his graduating class. A few words were then presented by Principal Bill Martin and Superintendent Dr. Martin before the obtaining of diplomas.

The diplomas were presented to the graduating students in alphabetical order, punctuated by the applause and cheers of audience members. As the graduates’ names were announced, a slide detailing their high school accomplishments, favorite memory from Caledonia Community Schools, and future plans was presented on the jumbotron overhead.

At the end of the ceremony, choir students performed the CHS Alma Mater as all past and present alumni were welcomed to stand. The formalities were then concluded with a send-off from Principal Martin, and the graduates flung their caps into the air and filed out, as they officially exited high school and entered a new stage of life.

Whether their future begins with a step into the military, a university, a gap year, or the workforce, the graduating class of 2022 has made their mark on CHS.

Graduate information and the livestream link from this year’s graduation can be found on the Class of 2022 homepage.