Pump It Up, Go Scots! Sideline Cheer Seeks New Recruits


Photo taken from Caledonia’s varsity cheer’s instagram page “cal.vcheer”

Caledonia Varsity competitive cheer team’s home competition on February 5th 2022

Brooke Bundschuh, Staff Writer

Have you ever thought about joining Caledonia sideline cheer? Sideline cheer and football season may seem to be far away, but in reality, it is just around the corner, as of May 17th and 18th are Caledonia’s sideline cheer tryouts For recruitment prior to tryouts, the varsity high school cheerleaders went to Duncan Lake Middle School to convince incoming freshmen to join the cheer team.

 The cheerleaders left at 11:45 from the high school and showed up at Duncan Lake right around the 8th graders’ lunchtime. They handed out flyers to those who were interested and gave information to all who asked or seemed available to recruit for the cheer team.

 “I really hope a lot of incoming freshmen decide to try out. I think that they would have a lot of fun and it can make the transition from middle school to high school better if you know people beforehand,” mentioned Lilly Merlo (11). 

Ebie Haury (11), another cheerleader reflecting this enthusiasm, said  “I thought it was really fun getting to see the incoming freshman and try to hopefully get more people to try out.” 

To be able to join the cheer team, you don’t need any experience. The cheer team simply emphasizes work ethic and the willingness to work hard. Anyone, regardless of their skill or grade, can try out for the sideline cheer team. 

“I think that everyone should join the cheer team because it’s really fun and you meet lots of fun new people who you end up loving a lot. The cheer team is like a family to me,” said Isabel Grinstead (11).

 If you have ever thought about joining the cheer team, you should go to tryouts at the north campus on May 17th and 18th to see if it’s the fit for you.