Seniors’ Last Day of High School


Livia Ubaldo

Seniors enjoy their final days at Caledonia.

Livia Ubaldo, YB Editor-in-Chief

Caledonia seniors had their final day of high school on May 17. Only having hours 1-3, the seniors said their final goodbyes to the underclassmen and staff.

“It felt weird to watch so many of my friends leave. Everything feels empty,” said junior Wyatt Snitzer. With seniors constructing a quarter of the high school population, hallways are less crowded and parking lot traffic is minimal in comparison to the whole student population.

In honor of their last day, some classes held celebrations for the seniors in recognition of them completing their high school career. Journalism, a class composed predominantly of seniors, planned a last minute party with pizza and cake. They also played games and signed the signature sheets handed out last week.

Journalism member Jenna Waggoner said “The day was bittersweet. It was special to celebrate the seniors but emotional for all of us. I was teary eyed when our junior Editor-in-Chief embraced our senior Business Manager as she was leaving.”

While some underclassmen are feeling overwhelmed with the seniors leaving, others are somewhat content. With senior parking lot spaces vacant, many sophomores and juniors are parking their cars closer to the school.

Junior Anna Stone said “Some of my good friends were seniors, so of course I’m sad to see them go. On the bright side, it allows me to utilize some of their good parking spots near the front, rather than where I park in the back.”

Seniors will be sent off formally at graduation, which will be held on May 24 at Calvin University.