Possible New CHS Tradition: The First Spring Carnival


Getting the crowd wild during the Watermelon Contest.

Autumn Anderson , Staff Writer

At Caledonia High School’s bus parking lot, weeks of hard work from the Student Council led to a full-fledged carnival for all the students and the community. The carnival occurred last Friday, May 6 from 5 to 8 PM. There were numerous enjoyable activities to get involved in including the popular watermelon eating contest,  with Andrew Devries (12) as the winner of the challenge. There were also painting activities, basketball and football games, 9 square, and a dunk tank containing staff members such as Mrs. Scott, Mr. Durkee, and Mr. Dehorn. 

In addition to entertainment, the carnival featured lots of carnival foods, including a snow cone truck, elephant ears, and a BBQ stand. The combination of engaging activities and iconic fair foods led to endless fun for many. Alexandria Lamoureaux (12) said, “I really love how everyone at the carnival got along and just enjoyed the time.” 

Another aspect of the carnival was that the Strike percussion ensemble, choir, and student band TMS (Too Much Sauce) got the chance to perform their talents at the carnival. This uncommon celebration of artistry and creativity was also conveyed through a student art showcase that was also featured at the carnival. Payton Lee said (12)  “I really enjoyed listening to TMS performing at the carnival, as they did really well.” There were lots of students and parents videotaping the performance, savoring the invaluable memories created from the ingenuity of student leaders.

Student council member Riley Raaymakers (12) said “It was kind of stressful getting all the art together for the showcase, but in the end, I’d say it was worth it to see student artists’ valued pieces get displayed. It was nice working with a lot of people to create something for the whole school. The daunting process of putting it together makes you so close to everyone helping.”

Through a shared love of music, food, and fun,  the Spring Carnival has become the ideal new tradition for many students in this new post-pandemic era.  . The entirety of the student council came together and gifted the students and community with a carnival worth celebrating, as it brought friends and family together while funding student leadership. The Spring Carnival is truly a win-win for both the student council and community members.