Students’ Summer Bucket List

3 Bucket List Ideas You Should Try


A list of summer bucket ideas for CHS students.

Malana Diebolt

Summer is getting closer and closer as each school day passes by. Many students create summer bucket lists to keep track of any ideas, goals, or experiences that an individual is hoping to commit to. A bucket list gives students the thrill and aspiration to accomplish numerous goals. It also allows them to tap into their creative mindset, inner child, and self-fulfillment. Here are some CHS students’ summer bucket list ideas that you can add to your own. 

One idea t is going on a nature backpacking trip. Student Ella Canup (10) said “A summer bucket list to me is doing things that are out of my comfort zone and are fun!” Backpacking trips also allow students to experience different parts of the world. Whether it is going somewhere a couple of hours away or going to a whole new state, backpacking provides fresh air and a view of nature. 

Another idea is attending a fair or carnival. Ellie Thelen (12) said, “I have never gotten the chance to go to a fair during the summer, but I am hoping to go to one this year.” At fairs, students can enjoy the sight of different farm animals, such as pigs, goats, rabbits, and cows. Fairs have a variety of iconic foods like elephant ears, fried Oreos, and barbecue pulled pork sandwiches. Another things students can enjoy at fairs are games and rides. There are rides, including a  Ferris wheel, and games where you can win some type of prizes, such as a stuffed animal or a pet goldfish.  ** Maybe here outline one local fair that people can go to in the summer

The last summer bucket list idea for CHS students is going to Cedar Point. Cedar Point, or any amusement park for that matter, can provide excitement and unforgettable memories. Senior Ainslee Taylor said “I have only been to a couple of amusement parks before, and I am hoping I can go to one this summer. When creating a summer bucket list, I usually have one big activity I would like to try, but this year I am hoping to add to just one activity.” Any amusement park provides various amounts of attractions. There are roller coasters, games, restaurants, and water parks. Trying out different kinds of rides, such as roller coasters that go upside down, can provide a feeling of thrill. They allow individuals to forget about any stress they may have and enjoy the moment. 

Overall, summer bucket lists can include any activity that students hope to experience before school begins once again. These bucket lists can include one main activity they would like to try, or they can contain multiple activities. Summer bucket lists help create a  fantastic summer experience while trying out new activities.