5 First Dates To Try

Dates Recommended To You By Fellow Students

Malana Diebolt, Staff Writer

First dates can be nerve-racking, as the attempt to search for a connection can be daunting for many.  If you are experiencing this anxiety, it is recommended to approach the situation with a  positive attitude and open mindset, as well as focus on becoming acquainted with someone’s  personality. Human imperfection is natural, so prioritize having fun and presenting a genuine image of yourself if you want to strike a genuine bond.  If you are ready to get out there, here are some students’ who have shared their opinions of first dates  they have gone on in hopes that fellow students like you can try some of these fun ideas.

According to Halle Theaker (11), an enjoyable  first date involves a favorite activity. She warns against going to the movies where you can not interact with one another. Doing something that  can inspire some friendly competition, such as mini golf or bowling, is something nice to do. 

Even now, after dating my boyfriend for almost 9 months, we love to compete against each other. My best first date was with the boyfriend I am dating  now. We got take-out then went for a boat ride, and it was enjoyable just to hangout and watch the sunset. I would rate this first date a 10/10, with my favorite part  being spending time outdoors to  do something we both liked and got to talk about. 

Kennedy Hunt described that a good first date for other students to enjoy is getting pizza and a movie. She shared that her best first date was playing mini golf and afterwards getting some ice cream. Kennedy would rate her first date a 9/10 and says her favorite part was hanging out with her boyfriend.

However, another student said that a good first date for others is not the movies. First, start off by doing a fun activity together such as painting, Craig’s Cruisers, bowling, etc.. After a fun activity and getting to know each other, going to a casual restaurant for dinner or lunch is a good idea. Later on, taking a stroll in a small town or walking along the water and getting ice cream will eventually be the ideal date. 

I personally never really went on a first date, but the date that me and my previous boyfriend considered our first was when we shopped for  halloween costumes together, and after we went to Smokey Bones for dinner and he paid for me. Once dinner was over, we sat and talked in the car until he drove me home. I would rate this date a 10/10, and my favorite part was getting to know who he is and laughing with him. 

Overall, many students suggest finding a way to interact with one another. The movies are not a good first date because of the lack of interaction. Regardless of what shared interest you are exploring, being able to talk and laugh is a great way to experience a first date.