Super Bowl Boasts

Reflecting on the 2022 Super Bowl

Claire Johnston, Staff Writer

Who were you rooting for this past Sunday? The Los Angeles Rams or the Cincinnati Bengals? If you said the Bengals, you probably had a rough night. Winning 23-20, the Rams ended the season with 16-5 while the Bengals trailed behind with 13-8.

During the American pastime of celebrating football through the famed Super Bowl, many students hang out with friends and family, eat a ton of food, and make bets on behalf of their preferred team.

Junior Reese Irons said “I went to my boyfriend Luke’s house for the Super Bowl. We hung out with his family and ate yummy food as well as made bets with one another. Sadly, I didn’t win any money though.” 

Like Reese, CHS Physics teacher Mr. Gunnink said “I hung out with my family and we all ate delicious game food, such as chips and cheese.”

During the first half of the game, fan-favorite Odell Beckham Jr. became injured and could not continue. In the first quarter, Odell caught a pass from quarterback Matthew Stafford, earning them their first touchdown of the game. Into the second quarter, in an attempt to catch another pass, Odell’s knee buckled and he fell to the ground. It is believed that he suffered from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, although some believed that he faked his injury because he was on standby for the birth of his first child.

Another exciting part of the Super Bowl, and a favorite for many, is the halftime show. This year had fans jumping up and down in excitement for performing celebrities Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent as a surprise guest. Alongside her students, English teacher Mrs. Wrubel loved it: “It took me back to the glory days. To the times when I was young, wild, and carefree.”

Being able to actually go to the arena and see the Super Bowl in person is a huge deal for some people. Considering the tickets started at $3,272.50, few Caledonia students know of anyone who witnessed this annual event at the glorified stadium, many preferring their stance in front of the television surrounded by loved ones and snacks.

Whether you had plans this year or watched the game from home alone, the 2022 Super Bowl remains an exciting and close game in football history that resulted in a W for the Los Angeles Rams.