Which Prom Dress Style Best Represents You?

A guide to finding the perfect dress style for this year’s prom


The different types of prom dresses that students will be wearing at the prom.

Autumn Anderson, Staff Writer

The one thing most parents look for in the perfect dress for their prom-bound daughters is coverage and cheapness. But to a student, it is all about the fit and style to stand out from the crowd. Many students wonder what will be the most popular dress type this year, whereas some look for the least popular to stand out from the others. When you look for a dress, what is the first thing you think of? Style, slits, sparkles, or color? There are many different types of prom dresses that you can choose from, from ball gowns and mermaid dresses, to A-line dresses, sheaths, and two pieces. Despite the overwhelming number of elements that go into finding the ideal fit, students are already looking for the perfect dress for the first or last time as prom nears. 


5 Best Prom Dress Styles 

  1. Ball gowns have an elegant long skirt with a fitted waist with a corset back or zip up. They come in different styles such as off the shoulder, long sleeved, halter, and spaghetti straps. 
  2. Mermaid dresses are fitted styles that hug close to the body. They flare at the knee and imitate a mermaid tail, which is where the name came from. 
  3. A-line dresses are probably the most popular prom dress that you will see because of their classic style that will fit any size of body. The A-line skirt sits right on the hips and flares out. Sasha Grimes (12) said “A-line type of dresses are my favorite because of the illusion they create.” 
  4. The sheath type of prom dress, on the other hand, is a tight fitting dress that naturally flows with the body from the neck to ankles. This type of dress is a lot lighter compared to A-line and ball gown dresses. Tori Woodwyk (12) said “A tight fitting dress is my favorite type of prom dress. If it’s bigger like a ball gown, I would trip a lot.” 
  5. Two-piece dresses have a separate bodice and skirt that go together with the same color and patterns. With it being a two-piece, there is a section of skin showing to give space in-between.


Looking at prom dresses can be overwhelming, as not all dresses fit everyone’s personality and desire, but a positive is that there is always a dress that is right for you. When looking for dresses, you want to go to certain places that tailor to your needs. For instance, David’s Bridal carries dresses that are much more expensive yet high quality, with prices that vary from $100 to 400 for a dress. On the other hand, there are affordable yet stylish stores including Macy’s, JcPenney, and Windsor that can vary from $20 to 100 for a dress. When looking for a dress, always be sure to gauge not only how much you are willing to pay, but also the style that will represent your best self.