Is We Were Liars A Good Read?

Review of the book We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

Autumn Anderson, Staff Writer

We Were Liars is a fictional book with a plot rooted in a deep, complex mystery. The author E. Lockhart maintains a sense of secrecy throughout the story without giving away any hints. All the way to the end, the mystery is kept a secret, and the conflict crescendos towards an unexpected twist. 

 We Were Liars centers around a wealthy family going on vacation to their private island. Most of the story revolves around the thoughts and actions of the main character Cadence, who endured a head injury the previous summer and continues to suffer from amnesia. This summer, Cadence reflects on the mystery of what actually happened to her, as odd situations arise on this summer’s trip. She comes across a house that has been burnt down from last summer and grapples with the fact that her family never explained what happened, eventually uncovering a persistent web of intersecting mysteries.

When reading this book, I was completely engaged and understood the entirety of what was going on. What really stood out was that Lockhart kept the reader engaged through detailed explanations of the drama and background of the family. She was able to generate imagery to immerse readers in the experiences of characters. In agreement, Avery Kibbey (12) said “We Were Liars is a great book. It is so interesting and I really enjoyed reading it.” 

My rating for We Were Liars is 5 out of 5 stars. This is a suspenseful book that keeps readers gripped until the last page. This is the perfect read for young adults who are interested in a heart-breaking yet thought-provoking mystery. If you are interested in We Were Liars, it is on with prices ranging from 6 to 11 dollars.