Officer Frederick Retires

A New Deputy’s in Town


Deputy Officer Frederick retires after six years at CHS.

Sasha Grimes, Staff Writer

Officer Frederick retired on February 11 after serving CHS for six years. The new School Resource Officer, Deputy Pat Stewart, started on February 7th. 

In his six years at CHS, Officer Frederick was a valuable resource and an integral part in maintaining the safety and security of the students and staff. Many of the students knew him for his notable ability to respond quickly to any emergency scenario. 

After a student cut off a piece of his finger in the woodshop, Kendra Lloyd (12) remembers that “this kid was six feet tall and 100 pounds, and he sprinted to the front office. Officer Frederick was booking it behind him.” In any scenario, Officer Frederick was ready to respond. 

Officer Frederick was also very involved in the education of CHS students. In Mock Trial, he would help prepare students who would play witness roles as police officers. In Mrs. Jonkman’s A.P. Government class, he gave lectures on the 4th Amendment and his experiences. 

The new Resource Officer, Deputy Stewart, is a 20 year veteran with the Kent County Sheriff’s Department. He is said to be excited to begin working in the Caledonia District with passions in crime prevention, community engagement, mentoring, and coaching youth hockey.

Deputy Stewart said he decided to take the job as the CHS SRO because when “I first started as a police officer my first patrol area was in the south end of the county, so I fell in love with the area. My dad was also on patrol for 17 years, so he was down here. Now it’s kind of like following in my father’s footsteps.” 

Although he has only been working in CHS for a couple of weeks, Deputy Stewart has said that his experience “so far has been pretty phenomenal, honestly. It’s really different compared to what I know, but everybody’s been amazing.”