Top 7 Games to Play with a Group

Ways to liven up a party when you’re hanging out with your friends

Avery Kibbey, Business Manager

Have you ever been with a group of your friends and are not sure what to do? These top 7 group games are going to relieve some much-needed laughter amongst your group. Playing games is a great way to break the ice and a conversation piece that everyone can bond over, which is perfect for engaging with your friends and family members this mid-winter break.

  1. The first game is called the “Imitation Game.” You are going to need a group of people with lots of different personalities. You start by writing down everyone’s names and placing them into a bowl. Once this is done, choose one person to start the game. That person is going to choose a piece of paper from the bowl and face everyone else. Now that person is going to become an imitator and act as the person whose name they picked out of the bowl. You can describe them by the way that they talk, sit, walk, facial expressions, etc.. The best way to do this is to be descriptive about their different characteristics. Then, have everyone in the group try to guess who is being described. 
  2. This second game is called “Think About It.” Have one person chosen amongst the group as a speaker. Then, have the rest of the group come up with a random topic. The speaker has to come up with a creative conspiracy theory that relates to the chosen topic. The crazier, the better. After the theory explanation is over, the speaker must finish with “Think about it.” The role of the speaker then rotates around the group until everyone has shared their laughable theory on their given topic.
  3. The third game is named “Guess the Fictional Character.” In this game, each person is going to have to pick a well-known fictional character. Then, once everyone has chosen their character, each person is going to get a turn to face the group. The group is going to interrogate this person with questions such as: Where are you from? Do you have any family? What do you like? The person who is on trial even has to act and talk like that fictional character. The person continues to until their character is guessed, then it will move onto the next person. 
  4. The fourth game that you could play is called “Medusa.” Medusa is a game that you will need about ten players at a minimum for. Everyone is going to stand in a circle with their arms around their neighbor’s shoulders. To start, everyone is going to keep their head bowed towards the floor. At the count of three, everyone has to look towards someone else in the group. If two people make eye contact, they both have to scream and drop dead. This game is entertaining and always a good ice-breaker. 
  5. The fifth game that you could play with a group is called “Don’t Get Me Started.” The group gives one person a random topic, and they have to act out an angry rant about this topic. This game could be played anywhere, with at least two people in the group. Playing this game will give you many laughs, and some great acting skills to think back on.
  6. The sixth game that you could play is called “Invent a Solution.” This game is most often played with a large group, and everyone must agree upon a problem. The more crazy and extraneous the problem, the more fun. Some of the examples of problems could be: an alien attack on Earth, the sun dying, or suddenly having the corn plant species die off. Then, split into smaller groups where each group comes up with a solution to this problem. If you are starting with a smaller group, you could always have each person come up with a solution rather than splitting it off into groups. Each group is going to have to share what they came up with and everyone is going to have to vote for which solution is their favorite in addressing the problem.
  7. This seventh game is called the “Word Definition Contest.” In this game, each person is going to have to research a word that is not commonly said or known amongst the general public. Once chosen, each person has to share the word. Then, the group has to come up with a definition for the word based on their ideas and associations. In the end, you will have some funny definitions that leave many people laughing. 

Many of these games will give you chances to discover more about the people around you and be able to share a laugh with the group you are with. Sharing these moments with your friends will always provide entertainment and memories, and the possibility of sitting in silence is put to an end by these enjoyable icebreakers.