Winterfest Dance


Claire Johnston

Student body waits for the beat drop.

Livia Ubaldo, Editor-in-Chief

This past Saturday night on February 12th, CHS Student Council hosted the Winterfest Dance in the north cafeteria. After being canceled in 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Winterfest provided an opportunity for the student body to dress up and let loose from 7:30 pm to 10:00 p.m. 

The theme of the dance was “Enchanted Evening.” Decorated by the student council, the cafeteria was transformed into a magical scene, consisting of string lights, dangling vines, and a wall of mirrors. 

Student council member Alyson Roush (11) said “I think decorating was more exciting than the dance itself. The theater department let us use some of their old props, which was super helpful. The dance committee with Ryan and Rylee did a phenomenal job.”

From the perspective of a non-member of Student Council, junior Gabrielle Dark said “I thought the lights were really pretty as well as the snowy decorations.”

For the school week leading up to the dance, the student council announced the following spirit days: Pajama Day for Monday, Dress Like a Dad for Tuesday, Twin Day for Wednesday, Mismatch Day for Thursday, and Purple & Gold for Friday. All of the themed days connected to a song from a Disney movie

Each student who attended the dance has a unique opinion regarding how it played out. 

Chase Fair (11) said “I kinda liked it. I would rate it a 7/10 because the music wasn’t the best, but I liked who I went with.” 

Anna Stone (11) said “Winterfest was just okay. There wasn’t much variety with the music. People on the outside of the circle were absolutely dead, but it was difficult to get inside the circle where it would’ve been fun.”