A Summer Must-Have: Barry G’s Italian Ice

Is Barry G’s in Caledonia worth the visit?


Pictured is an example of what Barry G’s menu looks like on a summer day.

Rae Radtke, Staff Writer

It’s a blazing summer day, and you and your friends just left the beach. All you want is some ice cream to counterbalance the day of sun. On your way home, you stumble across a small ice cream shop and decide to pull over. Walking in, you notice their never-ending, ever-changing list of ice cream flavors, Italian ices, Italian sodas, shakes, and so much more. 

Coming to Barry G’s, it’s a guarantee that you will meet the owner himself. Barry is dedicated to his small business and doesn’t go a day without working open to close. Barry has spent countless hours creating recipes and new flavors by hand through trial and error. Not only are his ice creams creative, but they are also spot on flavor wise. 

After Barry graciously let me come in and taste-test many ice cream and italian ice flavors, I broke it down to some of my favorite and least favorites and why. Starting with the Italian ice, I found that my favorites were the fruit inspired ones. Strawberry and mango specifically stood out, but most if not all were very good. The fruit flavored-ices are made out of real fruit, so each one tastes fresh and flavorful. 

Junior Natalia Quigley agrees: “My favorite ice is strawberry. It tastes like real strawberries and is really nice, especially on a super hot summer day.” On the other hand, I am not a big fan of the chocolate flavored italian ice. If you are looking for something chocolatey and delicious, definitely check out the ice cream flavors. 

Now comes the ice cream: Barry G makes his ice cream flavors with the actual food items. Barry puts time and effort into creating his unique flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. A fan favorite would have to be the coffee and donuts, tasting just how it sounds. This ice cream is a vanilla base with coffee and donuts actually mixed into it. 

Junior Reese Irons, who goes to Barry G’s quite often, said “They have so many flavors that it’s a hard decision as to what my favorite flavor would be, but I would have to say when the holiday flavors were out for Christmas and I was able to have their peppermint ones. I absolutely love the peppermint stick and peppermint mocha flavors. They are always super festive and taste so good.” 

Barry G’s Italian ice has three sizes: small, regular and large. The small is $3.00 for about 4 ounces, the regular is $5.00 for what seems to be about 8 ounces, and the large is $8.00 for approximately 12 ounces. The ice cream also comes in three sizes: a ‘kid’ for $3.00, ‘regular’ for $6.00, and a ‘bigger’ for $8.00. Considering the quality and size of the food items, his prices are solid. You can get cheaper ice cream, but it is nowhere near as high quality. 

Junior Lauren Kingsbury stated “For the amount you get, I think their prices are pretty fair. It’s one of my favorite places to go and I love supporting local businesses.”

From the second you walk in, to the second you leave, the Barry G’s staff is friendly and polite. Because of all of the unique flavors, they let you try as many as you would like to come to a decision. If there is any time they aren’t helping a customer, they are talking to everyone and keeping the climate friendly. 

In the summer, lines can get backed up, but the staff gets people through pretty quickly while still doing their job efficiently and being friendly to customers. They are patient with their customers while still moving quickly through the line. 

Overall, Barry G’s is a good quality ice cream and italian ice shop with a friendly staff and comfortable environment, whether you sit inside or at their tables outside.