Headlines & Deadlines: Why to Join Journalism

Review of the CHS Journalism Program


Journalism students participate in a team-building activity.

Jenna Waggoner, SNO Editor-in-Chief

You’ve reached the awaited point in your high school career where you begin applying to colleges. Empty boxes that are waiting to be filled to the brim with personal experience and leadership abilities await you. Yet the overwhelming twitches and aches of uncertainty and disorientation flood your senses. What if there was a class that prepared you not only to write such ideas with clarity and precision, but also aided you in constructing a strong, varied range of skills? Well, you’re in luck.

Journalism is a year-long English elective for students interested in photography, writing articles, yearbook design, and interviewing community members for stories. Newbies to the class and veterans alike are immersed in the daily difficulties and time-consuming tasks of the class. However, many recognize the invaluable experience gained and tangible creations that preserve the memories of the entire school. The deeply rewarding connections cultivated through other staff members, and editors who are there to help and support your growth, can last throughout the remainder of one’s high school career.

As a newbie myself, I feel that the class is demanding and at times arduous, but beyond worthwhile. Despite the overwhelming nature of deadlines and numerous projects going on at once, I found myself having conversations with people I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to talk to otherwise. Despite applying to the class for writing, I never would’ve thought that I’d enjoy learning about graphic design as much as I have. I’m still navigating the struggles of photography, yet appreciating the gradual development of such an advantageous skill-set. Being Editor in Chief of the online news has also taught me leadership skills and strengthened my editing and writing abilities.

Editor in Chief of the yearbook, Livia Ubaldo (11), has played a significant role in making the class feel welcoming and exciting. Livia constantly displays her appreciation for the class and the connections made: “I’ve really enjoyed working with others in the class and getting to know everyone. Our adviser, Ms. Covelle, and our current Business Manager Avery Kibbey (12) have especially helped me to become more of a leader.” Every Friday, Livia leads a series of celebrations where staff members who have helped out beyond what was expected of them are recognized.

Some of Livia’s favorite parts of the class include “getting to know everyone in the class because I feel like we have a lot of great people that I didn’t know beforehand” and her love for “taking photos at sporting events, like soccer games.”

Newbie staff member Kyla Nelson (11) said “I really enjoy the dynamic the class has. No idea is viewed as a bad one and everyone values each other’s thoughts. Also, all the students in Journalism are super nice and cooperative, and we all have the same goal in the end.”

Another newbie, Angel West (10), also benefits from taking the class: “I like the activities we do in Journalism. Most of what we do is based on how much we’re willing to reach out and use our resources. I have a lot of fun meeting new people during interviews.”

If you are interested in writing, photography, graphic design, and talking to others, this class would be the dream fit for you. You have to be willing to challenge yourself, but there is always someone to help guide you along the way. The assignments can be difficult at times, but in ways that promote growth and confidence. To me, the Journalism class is a 4.5 out of 5 stars for the immeasurable yet definite value it has for my education and self-discovery. As someone who has always been more introverted, learning to connect with others has played a large part in making my Junior year meaningful.

If you want to apply for next year, start by signing up for Journalism for both semesters before Thursday. There will be an application process that follows. If you have any questions, reach out to [email protected] for more information.