CHS Hits the Road During Christmas Break


Madelyn Fennema

A beautiful Hawaiian sunset captured by Madelyn Fennema on her trip this winter break.

Rae Radtke, Staff Writer

It’s a week before Christmas, and you’re sitting in your sixth hour counting the minutes until break. Two weeks of no school, so how are you going to spend your winter break? For some, it was an opportunity for relaxing at home and spending time with friends and family. For others, it was traveling near and far to fill those 14 days with experiences. 

Junior Madelyn Fennema spent her break traveling with family, as she does every year: “I went to Hawaii over winter break. My family and I go to Hawaii every year for a week around Christmas time. It’s so beautiful there and always so warm.”

Similarly, senior Paige Rapa enjoyed a tropical vacation on a cruise to the Bahamas this year: “Being able to go on vacation with my family every year around the holidays is such a blessing. My sister and I always have so much fun together spending time with each other exploring new areas. I always miss my friends while I am gone, but it is always worth it to go with my family and spend quality time together.” 

CHS staff members also traveled over winter break. Physics teacher Mr. Gunnink took his family on a road trip down to Kentucky. Their plan was to go and see Ark Encounter, the life-size replica of Noah’s Ark. Mr. Gunnink enjoyed his trip, as it was a bonding experience for him and his family.

Others left Michigan to go visit loved ones in different states for Christmas. Junior Luke Young and his family went to Maryland to see his father’s girlfriend. While on their trip, they were able to view attractions in Washington D.C.: “One of the places I went and saw was the White House. It was really cool to see it in person. I’ve always seen it in pictures and videos, but to actually see it in person was really cool.” 

It’s now been a week since we have come back from winter break. Exams are about to start, and we all get to reminisce on our two weeks away from school. We are now left to make it through the next two months until spring break arrives, when we get to do it all over again.