Cal NOW CAN Members Spread Sticky Affirmations


Jenna Waggoner

Cal NOW CAN members press sticky notes containing positive messages on a mirror in the South Campus bathroom.

Kyla Nelson , Staff writer

On Thursday, September 29th in Ms. Ley’s room, Cal NOW CAN hosted their Fall for Feminism party. At this event, attendees gathered together for food and drinks. While enjoying themselves and conversing amongst each other, they wrote impactful sayings on sticky notes.

The notes contained phrases as simple as  “you are enough,” “you’re beautiful,” “you are more than meets the eye,” and, “you light up the world with your smile.” Members posted these notes around the South Campus of the school in bathrooms, hallways, and the cafeteria. Even though at surface-level the action may seem simple or even silly, those in Cal NOW CAN claim that these sticky notes and posters could change the mindsets of struggling students. 

As humans, we tend to be our own biggest critics. We hide things about ourselves that truly define us just because of the things other people may think. Thoughts are implemented into our heads that say “you aren’t enough,” “people won’t like me if I’m gay,” “I’m ugly,” “because of my gender or race I won’t make it in the world,” or “only white straight men can have success.”

Cal NOW CAN leaders shared their hope to try and debunk these myths by spreading awareness of the true beauty of individuality throughout the school: no matter your circumstances, or what makes you “different,” you are human and deserve equality. The club is based upon the idea that gender should not keep us apart, nor should race, political opinions, or sexuality.

The ambitious students in the club want to remind everyone that, at the end of the day, we are all human. So why shouldn’t we stick together, bound by notes of positivity that connect us all, and include everyone?

Cal NOW CAN is holding another meeting to advance these ideals on Thursday, October 14th, where they will write letters to Congress in support of the Equal Rights Amendment, which would ensure legal equality regardless of gender.  Members encourage every student to make an impact on the culture of our school by joining Cal NOW CAN, which is contributing to this growth, one sticky note at a time.