Winter Sports Tryouts


Rae Radtke

On the ice, Griffin Wolverton (Number 26) skates over to teammates after an intermission against Saline High School.

Brooke Bundschuh, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year when fall sports come to an end and winter sports start right up. The winter season not only holds the most sports but is also the longest, starting from the beginning of November and ending in March. Some sports that are in the winter category include girls & boys basketball; girls and boys skiing; boys wrestling; boys and girls bowling; girls competitive cheer; boys hockey; and boys swim. All sports have tryouts that last a few days, and depending on how many people try out and their skill level, some of the sports do have cuts.

“The first day of ski tryouts was yesterday and I have been working out a lot to make the team and do well this year. I really love skiing, and tryouts are just showing what you can do to the coaches.” Mya Baldwin, a sophomore, explained.  

Many students do winter sports even if they do a fall or spring sport. “It’s a good way to stay in shape and have something to look forward to after fall sports,” junior Cali Coke said, as she does sideline cheer, competitive cheer, and lacrosse in the spring.

“This is my first year doing competitive cheer. I did sideline cheer for freshman and sophomore year, but I have heard that competitive cheer is fun so I thought to give it a shot. So far cheer is really fun and I have made lots of new friendships from it,” said Katie Eardley, a sophomore. 

 Students who are interested in joining a winter sport need to ensure that they get signed up for tryouts before the end of November. Students who are not doing a winter sport are encouraged to wish those who are the best of luck going into their season.