Turkey Time


Caden Dixon

Eager to hang out and eat good food, students from CHS and their friends get together to celebrate a friendsgiving.

Rae Radtke, Staff Writer

What’s your plan for this year’s Thanksgiving? Whether it is heading to extended families’ houses or doing a friendsgiving, this Thursday is full of plans for many. Thanksgiving is a celebration for being thankful for what one has in their life, no matter what form this takes. 

This year is the first Thanksgiving back to normalcy. This past Thanksgiving, many people were quarantined and unable to travel, and 2021 is now viewed as the year to make up for what was missed out on. For instance, many students and teachers are going to their grandparents’ houses. 

Junior Helin Turk says, “I cannot wait to see my family this year for Thanksgiving. After not seeing them last year I am ready to get back to normal.”

For others, Thanksgiving will be a day for rest and relaxation. Deanna Sanker says that her plans are to “eat lots of good food while spending time with my family and then watch some Netflix and get good rest.” 

Another plus of Thanksgiving is that siblings in college are coming home for break. After not seeing his older brothers for months, freshman Finn Radtke eagerly awaits his siblings’ arrival: “My favorite part about Thanksgiving is being able to have the whole family together. It gets hard to find a time where everyone is available. Thanksgiving is one of the few times that my whole family is able to come together.” 

On the other hand, one of the CHS lunch ladies, Tammy, plans to have a cookout this Thanksgiving. She will be traveling with her family and having a steak cookout on Thursday. The Sunday beforehand will be spent with extended family and friends, making it possible for her to double up on this year’s holiday. 

However, some people are experiencing setbacks when attempting to spend the holiday with their families. Junior Luke Young says, “I plan to spend my Thanksgiving with my family at my aunt’s house. We normally get together every year to celebrate. This year I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I will have to leave my family early to go to work.” 

No matter what your plans for this holiday season are, the school has ensured a week without any homework assigned, giving students the chance to have a break to spend time with friends and family.