New Club “Cal NOW CAN” Takes a Stand

A new club for students interested in promoting feminism and advocating for equality.


Jenna Waggoner

Members of Cal NOW CAN hang encouraging posters in the girls’ restroom of the south building to empower their peers during the club’s “Fall for Feminism” party on September 30th.

Kyla Nelson , Staff Writer

Cal NOW CAN is a new club for students interested in promoting feminism and advocating for equality. This group is advised by Mrs. Cobb and meets every other Thursday, after school until 4 pm, in the south building’s project room. One of the co-founders of the club, Jenna Waggoner (11), says that Cal NOW CAN was created, “to promote equality, mainly on the basis of gender.” At meetings,  they have discussions about topics related to feminism. 

Cal NOW CAN is part of the National Organization for Women, or “NOW,” which was established in the ’60s to advance feminist ideals, such as social equality and fighting gender-based violence. Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the sexes.

Jenna described the club that she and co-founder Alyson Roush (11) lead as having, “a very accepting environment where people can share their perspectives openly.” The club takes part in some of the events that NOW has, like “Week of Action,” which was a week in October ( from the 11th through the 18th) where the organization and its chapters showed support for the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), which will guarantee legal equality regardless of gender.

Although it is mainly a feminism club, Cal NOW CAN does interact with other topics regarding people around the world. They talk about race, sexuality, and overall how to make everyone feel equal at our school. The goal is not to feel as if there is a better race, or sexuality, or gender, but to show that every person is equal, despite being different. 

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