Fall Play Rehearsals Begin


Ella Orosz steps into her character with an Alice-like smile.

Jenna Waggoner, Editor in Chief

This year’s fall play, “Alice and the Rabbits of Wonderland,” is an original production written by the CHS Players director, Kate Lane. It is based on the series by Lewis Carroll, as well as other adaptations, such as those crafted by Disney and Tim Burton. Auditions for “Alice and the Rabbits of Wonderland” took place on September 14th, which resulted in the official cast and crew for the show. 

The theater members will meet for rehearsal 4 to 5 days a week for two months, from 5:30-8:00 pm, where they will commit to the work that goes into costumes, props, set, and staging. The final production is expected to have three performances on the 4th-6th of November, premiering on the Fine Arts Center stage.

Director Lane’s script chronicles the adventures of a girl named Alice as she explores the world of creatures and curiosity that lies beyond a looking-glass. When she becomes trapped in a game of chess, the friendship of five rabbits aids her in solving riddles and fighting evil. 

“I asked the students what kind of a play they wanted to do this year and they mentioned some key elements: fantasy, happy endings, and high possibility for creativity,” Lane explained. “I also went through the supplies the theatre already had and went from there. We weren’t able to sell any tickets last year, so the theatre department needed a show that would draw a crowd.”

After the last year of opportunities was lost to a pandemic, the fall play is symbolic of the school moving forward. Productions such as plays and musicals are transitioning from online performances back to in-person ones with a live audience, and the theater program couldn’t be more appreciative.

Ella Orosz, a junior cast in the lead role of Alice, said, “I feel like we perform a lot better with an audience and we can feel like we’re finally healing all together. We want to put forward this great production and make it look fantastical.”

Taryn Briones, another junior who will play the Brown Rabbit, further emphasized this excitement: “I enjoy the family-like environment that the cast has already created! I’m excited to see where our cast can go and where we can take this show through our dedication.”