Better Bake Better

Issue 3: Up and Coming Recipes


Three tiered wedding cake

Lindsay Duell, Staff Writer

For years I have been saving different recipes on pinterest and other websites for me to try. Unfortunately I haven’t had time to make them yet. With summer vacation right around the corner, it makes this a perfect time to knock out these recipes. 

Homemade Oreos:  I have had this recipe saved for a few years now. I had a huge oreo phase in eighth grade and this was what I wanted to make because my sisters wouldn’t drive me to the store. Now I want to make these because it is appealing to know what I am eating, and the ability to understand all the ingredients.

Yellow Cake: My family has never had a cake recipe, it’s probably the only thing we don’t have a recipe for. I am most definitely not ready to make my own recipe yet. Until I am ready I will just keep trying yellow cake recipes until I find one I like. 

Oreo Rice Krispies: Okay, I’m going to say it, most of these recipes are Oreo themed. Can you blame me? They are just so good. I will make these for my friends and family because I no longer like Rice Krispies or marshmallows. Although, the picture looks super good.

Raspberry Sweet Rolls: Cinnamon rolls? Delicious! So why not replace the cinnamon with Raspberry. Honestly if you don’t think that sounds good you are crazy. If I made these it would not even make it to my family because I would eat them all!

Chocolate Marshmallow Cake: I just mentioned that I don’t like marshmallows, but who doesn’t want to work with a blowtorch? And the look of toasted marshmallows compliments the rich color of the chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is my favorite dessert ever so I would probably just pick around the marshmallows. 

Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Cupcake with Raspberry Frosting: This looks like a perfect dessert for Lindsay. I was scrolling through my pinterest board and this looked so good. Everyone in my house would love it. 

So what would my friends like the most? These are all desserts that interest me, but I won’t be the one to eat them, so who will? I ran a poll with my friends to see which of the above they would like the most. Logan Lucas said “Raspberry sweet rolls because raspberries are the best.” Meanwhile Elizabeth VanOstran said “The Nutella because I love chocolate and raspberries.” Obviously my friends are not the biggest fan of oreos and prefer the raspberries. The only response I received that did not mention the raspberry recipes is from Megan Russell who said, “Chocolate marshmallow cake because I like chocolate and marshmallows and it sounds delicious.” The poll was just off of the treats listed above because the 77 items on my pinterest board are just too much for people to vote on. I must agree with Megan and Elizabeth because chocolate is super good. 

All of these recipes will be made sometime in the future and we will see how they turn out.