The Amazing Life of Kevin Remenap

The Amazing Life of Kevin Remenap

Audrey Torres, Staff Writer

The Impact of Kevin Remenap

The Terrible Loss of a Father, Husband, and Friend.

Kevin Remenap, Thornapple Kellogg High School’s Assistant Principal passed away suddenly on Friday, April 9th after becoming ill when coming back from a spring break vacation with his family. 

Previous to his years at Thornapple Kellogg, Remenap was a Chemistry and Leadership teacher in the Caledonia Public School System for over 17 years. According to his obituary, “nothing brought Kevin more joy than his kids.” When it came to describing “Rem”, many would say he was selfless, friendly, kind, and loving. Rem influenced the lives of so many students at both Caledonia and Thornapple Kellogg and shattered both towns with his death. 

When described on the news, it was said that his decision to go from a teacher to an assistant principal was a selfless one. “With the type of person Kevin was, he was driven to make a positive impact on his students…so when the opportunity came, he believed he could positively impact more students in the community as an administrator than a teacher, so he made the jump.” Rem was recognized by his old students from Caledonia by posting a quote that he would say all over social media, “Dance with who brung ya.” Both former and current students used this quote when describing him, for he was always selfless and had a passion for everything around him. Besides finding joy in teaching, he found joy “playing in his pool with his kids, hunting, fishing, hanging out with family and friends, or cheering on the Detroit Lions.” Rem will be forever remembered by everyone who knew him and even those who didn’t.

 The impact he left on people’s lives was nothing short of tremendous, and he will be missed greatly.