Secrets for Student Survival

How to Make the Caledonia Community a Better Place


Livia Ubaldo

During free time in A.P. United States History, sophomores Natalia Quigley and Anna Fanco chat up a storm. When asked about what she likes about Caledonia, Natalia expressed, “Most of the students are pretty cool, which makes class time somewhat fun.”

Livia Ubaldo, Staff Writer

There are some great things about being a member of the Caledonia community. Cheering on the Fighting Scots during Friday night football games, walking to Ice Cream Express with friends after school, and receiving daily “Life’s Little Instructions” from Mr. Diekevers are just a few of the many experiences unique to Caledonia. As the students who make up Caledonia High School, there are always opportunities to enhance our district as a whole. Sometimes, this starts with small acts. Here are tips on how to make the Caledonia community a better place:

  1. Spend time memorizing the names of your peers. I’ve learned that if you address someone by their name, the outcome is typically positive. It makes small encounters more personal and shows the person that you care. Developing quality memorization skills is also helpful in real life.
  2. Listen without passing judgement. Everyone is carrying something that they’re keeping to themselves. It never hurts to check in with others. If they express that they’re having a bad day, lend a listening ear. It may lift their spirits if you offer.
  3. Smile at people (under the mask). There are many good feelings in life, but one of the best is having someone look you in the eyes and flash you a genuine smile. Even though Covid-19 has presented a new type of normal in the form of mask wearing, it never hurts to shine your pearly whites.
  4. Be a friend to the environment. This can be such a simple task. Making small changes like drinking from a reusable water bottle or throwing away trash holds more significance than you may realize. As the president of the Environmental Club, Colin Pearson expressed other ways students can help: “Recycling things, biking instead of riding in a car, and even just being conscious of how much waste you create helps the environment in a huge way.”
  5. Use your manners. Treat people in school with respect. Mind your P’s and Q’s, but also make sure to cough and sneeze into your elbow. Manners include safety!
  6. Give out sincere compliments. It’s common for people to think something positive about someone, but never actually say anything. This is your sign to tell the person that you like the color of their shoes, enjoyed being their partner in Chemistry, or appreciate the way they contribute to a positive climate in school. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Giving a compliment will most likely make their day.
  7. Help others. If the person in front of you drops their pencil bag, help them by picking it up. If you can tell someone is struggling with a math problem, help them solve it. If your teacher needs you to pass out papers, help them by doing so. Be the person that others can rely on.
  8. Send an affirmation to a staff member or student. You can send an email, a text, or put a sticky note on their desk. The affirmation can include your name or be anonymous, but either way, it’s a perfect way to spread some kindness.
  9. Get to know someone outside of your social circle. It’s easy to fall into the habit of only talking to others inside your friend group. Invite new people into your cluster and you might be surprised with the outcome.
  10. Be kind. Everyone deserves a little grace.