“It was lonely and I felt super isolated.”

Wannabe In-Person Senior Katie Meeuwenberg


During first macro in Mr. Scholten’s class, Katie Meeuwenberg is working on her catapult project report for Applied Mechanics. This picture was taken before the school building shut down.

Tristan Valkenburg, Staff Writer

“Hello, my name is Kathryn Meeuwenberg, but all my friends just call me Katie. This year I’m a senior here at CHS. During this time of online learning it has been really hard to stay on top of school. Something that’s helped me is making sure I manage my time and take breaks when necessary! A good thing about online learning is the ability to sleep in, though that’s about it. Not particularly worried about failing my exams, but I am worried about my grades in general as some teachers struggle with teaching online. Some time ago I got contact-traced and had to quarantine before everyone else did, it [stunk], especially because we got shut down the day I was supposed to go back! It was lonely and I felt super isolated. In my spare time I’m usually  just on my phone, which isn’t good. I want to start getting more into working out and yoga and stuff to fill up my time! Something online school has taught me is: never take time with friends for granted because you don’t know when that privilege might be taken away from you.”