Hockey Team Secures a Conference Win


Students line up at the glass to encourage the hockey team as they win 3-0

Sophia Schmader, Staff Writer

The Lowell Caledonia hockey team played an outstanding game against Grand Haven on Friday, January 18. Fans filled the stands for the start of the game at 8:00 pm at Kentwood Ice Arena. The students helped raise the energy in the arena as the game began. In the first period, the score stood 1-0 with Lowell Caledonia taking the lead. Dylan Olsen and Austin Douma had the assist in this goal. This put the team in a good spot for the rest of the game. At the end of the second period, the score stood at 2-0 as LC continued to lead over Grand Haven. Caledonia students began to take on the glass as their classmates were getting closer to securing a win. Austin Douma had scored the goal, assisted by Owen Carpenter and Zach Schneider. In the third period, the hockey team secured the win when Isaac Hautala scored a goal keeping them in the lead 3-0. Assisting his goal were Ryan Kieliszewski and Austin Douma. The student section cheered with excitement as the team won the game 3-0 over Grand Haven. Following this, the team went on to win the OK Red conference tournament.