Parking Spots

New to this school year, those who drive to school are required to pay for parking at our school. Students may be asking, “why?” Along with expanding our parking lot to accommodate for larger classes of students, there were also additions to all of the roads, including the speed bumps. This addition is helping all of us stay safer in the parking lot, even though it might seem to be an inconvenience. With the new requirement of having “assigned” spots, there has been talk from students about creatively decorating our parking spots. Many believe that if there is a fee for parking, students should be allowed to creatively decorate their spots. 

At other schools, students are able to paint their parking spots. Although most only allow seniors to participate, it is better than no one at all. By giving students the ability to decorate in some way, it might reduce the complaints from students due to the $20 permit fee. Some faculty members worry that there may be inappropriate artistic elements added to the parking spots, however, having supervision while the decoration process is underway could lower those odds. Adding artwork to our spots could be a way for those who are creatively skilled and even those who aren’t to express themselves and spruce up our school and boost spirit.