VSCO Girl Epidemic

The trend of the VSCO girl spreads throughout the halls of Caledonia High School.


Maggie George poses with her Hydroflask and scrunchie.

 The app Tik Tok has spread through the halls of Caledonia High School. It is mainly used for people who want to lip-sync along to a song or a comedic video, and has started many trends. “The Woah” is a common dance move used by teenagers, gaining popularity through this social media platform. The term “VSCO girl” is being used to describe any girl who wears oversized t-shirts, scrunchies on her wrist, drinks out of Hydroflasks, and owns the editing app VSCO. 

VSCO girls are commonly made fun of for being considered basic (average). VSCO girl Lydia Sowerby said, “I mean, I wear scrunchies and have a Hydroflask — I think that it can be a good or bad thing because a lot of people on Tik Tok make fun of the VSCO girls.” When asked about what he thought of a VSCO girl, freshman Russell Lagenbur jokingly said, “Shoot, let’s turn this [girl]’s backpack into a VSCO hangout boys, sksksk and I oop” (the common VSCO girl saying, “sksksk and I oop”). Although this is most likely just a temporary trend, like wearing Crocs or watching Vines, the “VSCO girl” trend is currently heard in a number of conversations throughout the hallways.