Academic Pressure

Jocelyn Swanlund

With exams being right around the corner at Caledonia High School, students are beginning the ‘never ending’ exam reviews. Whether it’s parents pushing to boost their students GPA, own self drive or teachers criticizing students on their test scores, academic pressure is sure to get the best of all students. The main question being asked, how do you become less stressed?

To de-stress at Caledonia High School is answered in a couple of ways. Junior Alexander Le says, “get your sleep” as it is extremely key to be awake to learn and, more importantly, remember what you learned. Instead of waiting until the last second, finish school work as soon as possible, that way students are able to get the most sleep that everyone needs. Lindsay Peters comments “Actually do your homework, instead of waiting a couple minutes before it’s due . . .”. Not only is that a time saver, it helps all students to be prepared in advance.

Maybe the student reading this is already getting enough sleep and getting homework done and is still stressed. Pushing to focus isn’t going to help. It is nearly impossible to stay constantly focused. Taking frequent short breaks and getting a hard-working brain  mind off of it will help bring focus back to school work faster and easier. “Socializing with friends” [is a good stress reliever for me, during school or even at work] stated Brianna Hebert.