Painted Parking Spots Possibly In CHS Future

Will Caledonia High School Students Paint Parking Spots In The Near Future?

Lenesha Aska, Reporter

Should students at Caledonia High School be able to paint the parking spots they paid for? 

This year will be the first year Caledonia High School students that drive have to pay for their parking spots. As evidenced on social media, painting student parking spots has become a big hit for some other schools and students. However, it is forbidden by CHS authorities to paint the parking spots or even use chalk. Quite a few students are displeased with this rule.

“Painting parking spots could show off our fellow peers personalities and talents,” said senior Zoey Zupin. Zoey is a senior at Caledonia High School who started driving to school last year when parking spots were free. She explained that she understood the administrators did not have enough rules set, such as the materials they would allow, but it would have still been great to paint parking spots. 

Some students believe that paying $20 just to park is pointless. Junior Savannah LeRoux said, “I don’t like paying if we are not benefitting.”  Savannah believes that students are paying too much money for a dull parking spot that does not give them anything but a place to park. Painting the parking spots would give purpose to why students are paying this significant amount of money. In spite of all of this, next year students might in fact be able to paint their parking spots if everything goes as planned for the administrators. Assistant Principal Danelle Scott said, “We will have painted parking spots in the future and most likely by next year”. Scott clarified that they were not prepared for painting this year. She also discussed that there was not enough time to get new policies approved by the School Board.  All in all, this may be a great outcome for upcoming seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshmen, but it may not have been the greatest for the seniors who are leaving in 2020 like Zoey.